Review By:
“I was given a session as a birthday gift last week. I had heard mixed reviews about this experience and so I was really looking forward to trying it for myself. I found the centre to be immaculately clean and I was guided through how to prepare for the float in my own cubicle and then what to expect and the different options I could chose as regards lighting and whether I wanted to close the pod entirely or keep it open as the lights in the room were turned off. I can be a little claustrophobic at times but knowing that I could lift the lid to my pod whenever I wanted and also knowing there is an emergency call button inside the pod to get assistance at anytime sure put any concerns I might have to rest. I couldn’t believe it when my hour was up as the music came on to signify this as it felt like I’d only been in there for 10 mins. I had drifted off into a peaceful sleep and had no awareness of time or space.
I was so peaceful and calm afterward and I remember mentioning to my daughter the next day that I didn’t think I would ever get angry again in my life as all tension I had been holding in my body had dissolved away.
I do recommend to to drink lots of water for days after as the detox effect of the salt is very strong. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to rest and relax and detox all at the same time and I think all employers could offer this to their employees especially those in high stress jobs to elevate any residue tension that is carried with us from work. The world would be a much happier place if everyone could float often. Thanks to everyone at salt. My experienced changed my world and I am so happy about that!!!”
Thank you Luisa!!! See you again soon!
From the Crew @ SALT in South Perth