How Flotation Can Reduce Back And Neck Pain

Suffering from neck, back, or shoulder pain can be a very debilitating experience, and with modern work environments requiring many hours behind a desk, it’s become a very common issue. Several other factors could contribute to chronic neck and back pain, including sports or other injuries, atrophying of muscles over time, or calcium degradation of bones. Stress or suffering from anxiety and emotional tension also causes muscles to tense up and cause strain on supporting nerves, resulting in severe pain.

While there are several options available to treat and manage the pain of musculoskeletal injury or degeneration, introducing non-invasive treatment in the form of salt tank float sessions can make a tremendous difference to regaining quality of life. Floatation therapy in Perth provides neck and back pain relief Perth.

Say Goodbye to Pain Through Floating

The high concentration of Epsom salts in flotation tanks creates an environment rich in magnesium and sulphate, both of which have proven to be highly beneficial to several health, recovery and healing processes. Thanks to the effortless buoyancy of this anti-gravity environment, there’s no strain placed on the neck or back. This allows your body’s supporting muscles to relax and reduces stiffness in your spine. Salt tank float therapy has also shown to be effective in easing spinal misalignment issues, resulting in pain relief and greater mobility. Migraine headaches and chronic headaches are often a result of spinal injury or strain, and research has shown that floating vastly improves these conditions as well.

Interesting fact: The majority of referrals to Salt Float Studio come from local Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, OBGYNs, Rheumatologists and Surgeons!

Pure Magnesium is also present in the tanks at Salt Float Studio. This mineral is known to have several beneficial properties and is widely used for a range of health concerns. The high concentration of magnesium in our flotation tanks – combined with the fact that we maintain an optimal water temperature of 36 degrees – means that it’s readily absorbed through the skin and starts aiding your body’s repair and regeneration process as you relax and back pain relief.

While your initial concern or reason to try floating may be to relieve back or neck pain, you’ll find the related side effects and symptoms of these health concerns – and many other nagging issues you may have been living with – will also diminish from the first therapy session. With frequent, continuous flotation appointments, your health and quality of life will gradually return, and you’ll find yourself free from the shackles of chronic or recurring back or neck pain for good.

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