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What is floatation?


Floatation therapy has been around for over 50 years, it has scientifically proven to provide the opportunity for complete relaxation, reduced stress, and improved general well-being. 500kg of Epsom salts (pure magnesium sulphate) are dissolved in 1000L of water creating a buoyancy that allows you to float against gravity, and experience weightlessness like you never have before.

Water and air temperature inside the tank are maintained at 36 degrees – skin temperature. The sensual boundaries of the skin fade away as the nerves are unable to distinguish where the body ends and the surrounding water or air begins. The tanks are completely light and sound proof, eliminating visual and audio distractions which allow you to drift into a deep relaxation and provides a great environment for sleep therapy in Perth.

Sensory relaxation encourages the sympathetic nervous system to relax; lowering blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate and O2 consumption. Stress hormones such as cortisol are reduced allowing your immune and digestive systems to function more efficiently. Endorphin levels increase leading to improved mood, increased focus and reduced perception of pain.

Removal of sensory input alleviates the brain from a large portion of its normal workload. As the body enters a deep level of physical relaxation, the mind becomes dreamy, but remains awake. This is commonly known as the ‘Theta State’ in meditation terms. The two hemispheres of the brain become more balanced, promoting a shift in awareness away from analytics detailed thought patterns, towards more intuitive, creative, and inspirational modes. This is not a permanent, or inhibiting change, rather a shift that allows you to reach your full mental capacity.

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