Frequently asked questions

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Below are some of the most commonly asked question relating to floating and floatation tanks. If you have any additional questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note: It is the responsibility of all customers to review the below FAQs prior to your float session as noted in your confirmation email. Our staff assumes that all customers are aware of the below information and agree that credits and/or gift cards may be debited for bookings made but not attended for any reason.

“Claustrophobia” is the #1 mis-conception about floating in a pod. You CAN float with the lid open!

Many people who initially express a fear of small spaces feel much better once they know they control the entire process. Their fears subside and the vast majority will go on to close the lid and turn off the light! Use the tank in the way which is most comfortable for you.

  • If you want to stop you can do so at any time!
  • You control the lighting and music
  • You open and close the door whenever you want
  • You can float with the door open!
  • You are always in control of the environment


Yes, it can be. Recently coloured rinses, hair dyes, colour-depositing shampoos and spray-on tans can run into the salt solution. This can damage our tanks, and ruin your hair. We would suggest not floating within a week of having your hair dyed OR having a spray-on tan.

*Note – gift certificates and/or float credits may be forfeited if bookings are not cancelled 24hrs prior to reserved sessions.

The WA Health Department requires all customers to have a shower prior to entering the float pod for hygiene purposes. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the cleanliness of dreadlock hair, hair in thick braids or hair extensions as this could potentially damage the filtration systems and/or the magnesium content in our pods – and because of this health reason, customers with dreadlocks, thick braids or unclean hair extensions cannot float at Salt.

*Note: customers with recently dyed hair are also not able to float as this can discolour our Mg salts in the float pods. We ask that you kindly wait 7-10 days after any recent hair dye to book in with us 😉

You should avoid shaving or waxing before your float session – usually 12-24 hours is sufficient. Remember, you’re floating in SALT 😉

We provide the essentials: organic body wash, shampoo & conditioner, moisturiser, cotton buds, ear plugs, hairdryer and towels. You are welcome to bring other personal items.

Most people don’t wear anything when they float to avoid distraction from the feeling of fabric (you should remove all make-up as well) . Each room is completely private, including a private shower ~ though you can wear a swimsuit if you prefer.

Your float session will last one hour. We request that you arrive 10-15 minutes early and encourage you to relax in the lounge afterwards, to really get the most from your experience before stepping back into your busy day.

YES – you can change your appointment by either phoning our studio or logging on to your account. We always ask that changes to bookings are done with a minimum of 24 hours notice (especially on weekends) to allow customers on our waitlist to fill those session times. Charges/gift card redemption may occur for late cancellations, changes or ‘No Show’s’. Please see our full Cancellation & Refund Policy at the bottom of our Pricing page.

We adhere to an extremely strict set of testing protocols by the WA Health Department. The water is tested every day for hygiene, specific gravity, pH balancing, sterilisation, temperatures. Our specially designed filters are capable of screening the water down to as little as 1 micron (100th the size of a hair). The entire contents of the tank are flushed through and filtered 4 complete volumes of water between every customer (plus the 1,000 litres of water goes through 16 filters during this process!) The WA Health Department regularly visits us for water samples and to inspect the overall hygiene of our pods & pod rooms.

Fresh water is added daily to top up the pods and the Salt Concentration alone will kill almost everything! Regular disinfection cycles do the rest!

Yes, simply bring in your mobile phone with your favourite guided meditation, new music album, audio book or podcast on it and we can easily play this directly into your private pod. You control the content and the volume the whole time!

New for students: record up to 60 minutes of your study notes on your mobile phone and listen to your own playback during your float without any distractions! This is becoming a popular ‘secret tool’ for students studying prior to exams or for professionals preparing for a job interview! Salt Float Studio is the only place in Perth where you can do this!

Feel free to contact us for further info.

People who are used to meditating are going to love floating. You will find that you adapt within one or two floats. Those unaccustomed to spending time with their own thoughts and inner reflection will normally take three to five floats to feel completely relaxed and at ease. Your experience improves with each float!

We do not recommend it. Initially they can be a nuisance and therefore a distraction. Also, if you do happen to get salt in your eyes (rare but can happen) you will struggle to clear your eyes with contacts in.

Yes! This is very popular for pregnant Mum’s-to-be! Research suggests that floating is good for you and the baby. Especially in later stages of pregnancy. The buoyant environment allows you to escape many of the discomforts of pregnancy. A float session makes a great baby shower gift!

Salt Float Studio even has pool noodles which allow Mum to float safely on her stomach!

We recommend against floating during the first trimester, and as with most activities, we do recommend checking with your doctor first.

If you’re menstruating, please take the same precautions while floating as you would if you were in a swimming pool.

It is very common for 2 people to book a Float-with-a-Friend for $65 each at the same time at our studio. This involves each person floating in their own private pod room. You will both check-in & out at the same time but will enjoy the quietness of your Dreampod.

*Floating with another person in the same pod will defeat the purpose of ‘sensory deprivation’ because they will effectively ADD sensory input towards you every time they move, speak or even breathe inside the pod – and so this is why SALT does not allow 2 people to float at the same time.

No, this is a personal preference. We would suggest the first couple of times you float that you wear them, and once you are used to it you can decide for yourself.

We suggest a light meal approximately 1.5 hours prior to your session.

We advise against drinking caffeine (energy drinks or coffee) and preferably no alcohol prior to a float session. We recommend drinking a small glass of water before your float.

Ok, here is the legal disclaimer bit: To float you must;

  • Read, understand and agree to our terms and conditions
  • Read and understood all the FAQs
  • Be able to climb in and out of the tank unaided (this is no more difficult than climbing into a bath)
  • Not be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or illegal substances

You must not use the floatation tank if you:

  • Suffer from incontinence, nausea, epilepsy or psychotic episodes
  • Have a history of regular ear infections
  • Have been medically advised not to float
  • Have open or bleeding wounds
  • Have an acute skin condition
  • Have a pacemaker or have a serious heart condition
  • Have a recent spray-on tan

Anyone who floats regularly will tell you how blissfully comfortable and deeply relaxed they feel whilst floating. You’re as close as you’re ever likely to be to an experience of weightlessness; and, surprisingly, there is no feeling of being confined in a tight space. You can get out anytime. There are no latches on the tank door and you control your experience. That said, the 1-hour float will go by quickly and we recommend staying in the pod for the entire session to experience the full effects of floating.

Yes, of course. The pods are fully ventilated and fresh air is continually flowing into the pods.

That’s OK. Floating is as easy as taking a bath. You just step in, sit down, and lay back. You can touch the bottom with your hands as the water is only 30cm deep. There is no skill required, you just let the salty water do the work – you’ll actually float like a cork and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are.

No. The water is very shallow and is much heavier than ordinary water because of the quantity of Epsom salt. You float on your back with absolutely no effort and there is no tendency to roll over. People often sleep in float tanks and there is no risk of rolling over even if you are asleep.

Falling asleep is not a problem – if anything, falling asleep will only prove that you have been in a heightened state of relaxation. At the end the session the music and light will come on and wake you peacefully. If you fall into a really deep sleep the water will start circulating 5 mins after the end of the session. Don’t just think of your ‘float session’ as being limited to the 60 minutes at Salt Float Studio; it is how you feel immediately after, how you sleep, how you feel the morning after and how you perceive your world and the life around you for the next week following your salty float experience!

No. Even if you fall completely asleep (which is common) you will continue to float on top of the water. Remember, our salty water solution removes over 80% of the force of gravity so you will always stay afloat! The sensation of effortlessly floating is difficult to describe until you experience it! Think about a cork bobbing in the ocean.

Dr Justin Feinstein (a leading researcher at the LIBR Brain Institute) has compiled an up-to-date catalogue of research. Please click the following link for more information: