How Flotation Aids In Sports And Physical Recovery

Physical injury is something every active individual & professional athlete has to manage. Float tank therapy has become a crucial treatment for sports professionals and athletes around the world, with its significant restorative properties resulting in not only improved healing but also increased focus to give athletes the needed edge to perform at their best. The Australian Institute of Sport has even officially recognised flotation tank therapy as an integral part of the training regime for all their athletes.

Some of the benefits of float tank therapy include the following:

  • Floating allows your muscles to relax, as they don’t experience any strain from gravity. This reduced strain allows for more effective and speedier recovery in the muscles.
  • Magnesium sulphate in the water relaxes the body and aids in protein synthesis to speed up healing. Your body absorbs these minerals throughout the float session, and you’ll feel more limber and less stiff immediately after a treatment.
  • Lactic acid is reduced in the body, resulting in minimal symptoms of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).
  • It boosts the immune system through encouraging complete rest.
  • Muscle fatigue is reduced
  • Energy is increased and floating counteracts the overall physical fatigue experienced due to increased production of ATP (an energy carrier molecule) in the body.
  • Blood circulation and blood flow is improved.
  • Blood pressure and inflammation is reduced.
  • Endorphins are released, which results in more efficient pain management.

Physical benefits aside, the relaxing effect of float therapy’s sensory deprivation is also good for the mental state of an athlete. It helps them to enter a very focused, meditative state – the ideal condition for them to visualise their training and get themselves in the right mindset.

To ensure optimal physical performance, fast recovery from injury and effective fatigue management, all sports professionals should maintain a frequent regimen of floating in Salt Float Studio’s Dreampod tanks. While this is crucial therapy for athletes, anyone who is involved in sports or gym can enjoy the same benefits by going for an occasional float session. It’s also highly recommended for people who have suffered a physical injury from a car accident or work-related accident. Visit Salt Float Studio in Perth.

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