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To understand how these benefits happen, one of the main things to remember is that we are floating on Epsom salt water. Epson salt is comprised of magnesium and sulfate.

According to the Universal Health Institute, soaking in an Epsom Salt bath is one of the most effective means of making the magnesium your body needs readily available. Supplemental calcium-magnesium is a popular remedy to many pregnancy problems and even in the hospital they will provide IV Magnesium-Sulfate to stop preterm labor.

Pregnancy meditation in Perth offers many advantages. Some of the benefits you will experience from floating during pregnancy include:

  1. Reduce Swelling: Floating takes the pressure off your joints, which is in-it-self already a wonderful sensation. That reduction of pressure can also help reduce edema or prevent swelling. Another popular remedy to reduce swelling is taking magnesium supplements; so floating is an awesome way to combine both treatments!
  2. Lower Blood Pressure: Blood pressure is closely related to stress levels, so it makes sense to think that the deep relaxation state you can achieve in the float tank could help lower it. But in addition to the relaxation, when your body is relieved from the burden of gravity your blood vessels can fully dilate, reducing blood pressure and increasing blood flow.
  3. Reduce Stress: Our always rushed, always busy culture leaves little time and space for self-care. It’s stressful! This applies to everyone, but especially if you’re already a mom it can be really hard to get just a few minutes of peace and quiet. The float tank is a cozy, quiet womb-like environment. You can forget about the pains and aches of living in your body. Since there is no sensations to process and nothing else to do except relax, your body needs to spend very little energy and everything slows down. There is no sense of time and meditation happens effortlessly.
  4. Promotes Mom-Baby bonding: As mentioned before, there is something very womb-like about the float tank. When you turn the lights off and allow your mind and body to drift into deep relaxation, you can often hear your own heartbeat and even your baby’s heartbeat. While listening to those sounds it’s easy to imagine the experience of the baby inside the uterus, which allows for a very special connection.

Floating While Pregnant


Although everything you will need is available at the Float Spa, you can bring your own extra large robe to cover your belly well and feel comfortable in case you need to do a bathroom trip in the middle of your float. The float time is 60-90 minutes! Taking that into consideration, I avoided drinking a lot of water before the float and instead I drank tons after I got out. Also, try eating small high protein snacks before getting in the tank, especially if you’re still experiencing nausea. Try different positions when you’re in the tank! You don’t need to only float on your back! You can use some props and float on your belly or your side for a little while. You will probably not find it hard to get comfortable either way.

You can safely float during second or third trimester of pregnancy, but a lot of places won’t allow pregnant floaters after 37 weeks of pregnancy because of the risk of your water breaking during the float (it’s not a big risk by the way, but they take their precautions.)

Honestly, I have a really hard time allowing myself to relax for long periods of time. When I first got into the tank for pregnancy meditation, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I wanted and needed to do. It was hard to allow myself to just be. I’m thankful for the tools I have learned through meditation and hypnosis, which remind my monkey mind that it’s okay to slow down. Those tools, combined with the wonderful gravity-free experience and many benefits of floatation therapy, did wonders for my self-care.


Pregnancy Float

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