Benefits of Floating

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The benefits of meditation and the restorative properties of magnesium are well recognised. Our ‘Dreampod’ flotation tanks provide the opportunity to combine these, and so the many benefits of floating include (but are not limited to):

Stress Relief


Improved Physical Health

Floatation Therapy for NDIS Participants

Salt Float Studio’s Float Tank therapy benefits body & mind

Both the body and mind need to work in harmony for optimum health; if one is compromised the other can suffer as a result. Floatation therapy has been used across the world for over 50 years to effectively treat physical and mental strain, enhance focus, reduce stress and improve sleep to name just a few benefits. Perth can now enjoy and benefit from the ultimate float tank experience at Salt Float Studio’s state-of-the-art floatation facilities.

Inside our 3 x Dreampod floatation tanks, there are no physical, audio or visual distractions, which provides a rare opportunity for you to disengage from the outside world with all its modern distractions. This is an invaluable benefit on its own, but the rewards don’t stop there!

Here are just a few of the benefits of float tank therapy:

Stress relief

Float tank therapy reduces cortisol production, which helps to alleviate stress. The total relaxation is also an excellent salve for anxiety and depression as floating in the magnesium sulphate-enriched, 36°C water causes an increase in the production of dopamine and endorphins.

After just one float tank therapy experience you will feel more youthful and better able to deal with the stressors of daily life. The more regularly you float, the more significant the benefits.

Stress and insomnia are like the chicken and the egg; it’s often hard to tell which comes first. Float tank therapy will treat both at the same time. Just one hour in a float pod is the equivalent of about four to six hours of sleep, and you will emerge both relaxed and well-rested.

Improved Physical Health

Your body will absorb magnesium from the water, which Floatation therapy will also significantly reduce chronic lower back pain, chronic pain from arthritis, cancer and other illnesses.

Float tank therapy is enormously beneficial during pregnancy, enabling women to feel weightless and easing pressure on their lower back. In the float pod, you float at ‘perfect equilibrium’ which means that your spine and vertebrae float at their natural curvature.

Muscle recovery, relief from fibromyalgia and improved spinal health resulting from floatation therapy has been recorded. The list of float tank benefits also includes increased circulation, decreased blood pressure and floating in pure Magnesium acts as an anti-inflammatory ~ which is why it’s extremely popular with athletes.

Emotional and mental benefits

A float tank experience is an excellent way to boost mental clarity and creativity.

Our clients also experience improved problem-solving capacity and mental focus. This is because the absence of external stimuli inside a float tank enables you to clear your mind of clutter and stress.

An increase in motivation is another . The refreshing experience of a float session gives you a renewed energy with which to face the challenges of daily life.

Press PAUSE on your busy life and take time to regroup, reset and heal body and mind. Visit Salt Float Studio to enjoy all the many benefits of float tank therapy.