Floating & Yoga Complement Perfectly

Floating and yoga go together perfectly

Both yoga and floating help you become work towards creating more awareness of yourself, and the present, thereby creating balance between your body and mind, finding greater mental focus and deep physical relaxation.

The practice of yoga requires you to focus your concentration on your breath while holding specific postures, which helps you clearing your mind completely, while floating floating drives you into an introspective state where focus becomes natural.

Both practices have benefits that can be translated to the other discipline. Meditation, a big part of yoga, has well known and proven health benefits, including easing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. However, meditation is not always that easy or accessible for many, which is where floating can be helpful, as it can be a short cut for those looking to reach the meditative state faster.

Mental health benefits
Yoga, like other forms of exercise lift your mood, relieve depression and anxiety. The key factor here is the serotonin – our happiness hormone – which is released by the brain during exercise. The same effect is achieved while you float, through the large amount of Epsom salt dissolved in the float tank which produces the very same neurotransmitter.

Physical health benefits
Whether you’re suffering from tight muscles, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, or have trouble sleeping, a few floats or yoga classes will make a big difference. Both yoga and floating improve blood circulation and greater oxygenation in the bloodstream, resulting in a heap of physical health benefits.

Floating helps you get more out of yoga, and vice versa

A floating session is similar to a yoga routine in the way it connects your body and mind, creating profound relaxation throughout your system which in turn provides your brain the conditions it needs to enter a more focused state of consciousness. Floating and yoga go-hand-in-hand for a more balanced life.

No matter what’s going on in life, most people tend to feel a lot better after a yoga session. It brings balance and calm to the mind and body, and it’s the same with floating – which helps centre your thoughts, and invariably allows you to tackle your life in a calm relaxed and focused manner.

The benefits of regular floating is much more than what has been covered here. Check out our other information pages to find out what floating can do for you.


Article courtesy of The Float Space