What do a bad night’s sleep, stress and aging have in common? They all tend to bring on back pain and inflammation. Pain in this area of your body is debilitating and can keep you from being a productive, functioning and active person! If back pain plagues you, you’ll need a long-term solution that provides relief – and one that doesn’t rely on expensive and addictive medications that could harm your body. If you’re in this situation, we recommend giving flotation therapy a go. Here’s more information on what flotation therapy is, and how it can benefit you.

What Is Flotation Therapy?

Floatation therapy is a form of relaxation therapy where you suspend yourself in a tank of warm, Epsom salt water and the super-saturated amount of salt causes you to float. It’s something that can soothe back pain, inflammation, sciatica, and headaches. Similar to a sensory deprivation chamber, the body can heal itself because there’s no pressure put on it. It’s a tranquil, meditative form of healing that relaxes and rejuvenates the mind.

What Are The Benefits?

For patients who suffer from back pain, inflammation and muscle tension, flotation can be complementary to seeing a physiotherapist or chiropractor. While a physiotherapist or chiropractor will fix the underlying issue, the process could be time consuming and painful.

With floatation therapy, you experience immediate relief. With your body in its body-temperature warm water, there are no pressure points or weight placed anywhere on your back. The lack of gravity in the tank allows the spine to find its natural curve gradually and the vertebrae of your spine decompress in the weightlessness. It provides respite to your muscles while the magnesium from the salt acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Who Should Try It?

A person with back pain and inflammation in their muscles will benefit from a time of weightless relaxation and meditation. Others who might find similar relief are:

  • Patients with chronic back and neck pain and inflammation
  • Pregnant patients with back pain from the added weight
  • Patients who experience stress headaches and muscle tension/stiffness
  • Patients with sciatica
  • Patients recovering from back injury or surgery

Floatation therapy is one of the best ways to soothe back pain and inflammation. It’s safe and has no known side effects, so you have nothing to lose by trying it, and everything to gain. Call Salt Float Studio today to book an appointment in our South Perth location.

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