Kris Davison

Local Guide · 36 reviews · 25 photos

First floating experience… loved it. Everything was explained perfectly, the place is super modern and clean. The pod was larger than I expected, and not claustrophobic at all. Great private room with shower, nice touch with the bottle water for after. And hairdryers with a big mirror for after was great. And a selection of things to purchase on the way out. Thanks Salt, I’ll be back.

Seonkyo Kim

11 reviews · 1 photo

Salt float studio had a welcoming and very clean environment, with everything that you need is prepared for you.

Nevir Shakur

1 review · 1 photo

I did not want my 60 minutes to end!
very relaxing, nice and quiet place and happy informative staff. I think this will help my lower back issues as well.


Local Guide · 161 reviews · 45 photos

Floating has been a great method of helping manage chronic pain issues. It’s also one of the only places where I can properly clear my head, has been very helpful during stressful times like exams.

Tony Dunbar

66 reviews · 8 photos

Very nice relaxing experience with friendly helpful staff happy to answer any queries that may arise.

Charles Kolar

Local Guide · 122 reviews · 1 photo

Cool place, happy floating, I believe it may do hood to you.

Michael Caldwell

Local Guide · 148 reviews · 437 photos

I love a good float and this was a great experience. The staff are friendly and very informative and the facilities are really inviting. I believe it to be priced fairly, too. Get yourself mellowed out!

Sheila Ryan

3 reviews · 2 photos

Very nice experience, but I must mention & advise that my 3rd float was wonderful compared to my first experience. I would recommend floating a minimum of 3 times to fully understand / appreciate this experience.

Marz Maldonado

Local Guide · 51 reviews

Excellent experience! Came out feeling on top of the world again.

Mala Vijnadhali

2 reviews · 1 photo

very nice place all the information was told to us before our float. clear and easy to understand website and i think good for sore muscles. mv

Shane Stackie

1 review

Great and friendly staff! Felt nice and welcomed as soon as you walk through the door. Was so relaxing in the salt water. Highly recommended for anyone. Great gift idea. You will not regret going! Can’t wait to go again 😁

dave talizoh

2 reviews · 2 photos

I was recommended by my partner – as a natural way to help with stress/sleep and a very busy job! 2 Thumbs up and 5 Google stars for something so simple, yet exceptionally & positively effective. See you next week salt!


Jessica knight

5 reviews

Went for a float at 38 weeks pregnant, enjoyed every weightless moment of it!

Kerry Stackie

7 reviews

This place is amazing. I feel so refreshed after.. I have recommended salt float to many ..


Local Guide · 57 reviews · 100 photos

Was great. Facilities are high quality and the experience was great. All the amenities pre and post float are great. Come out relaxed.

Response from the owner11 months ago

Thanks Adam, we are glad you had a good experience!

Matthew Thorley

15 reviews · 5 photos

A genuinely unique experience with really effective results. I found it relaxing and felt immediate physical benefits. A very peaceful and spacious environment created. I felt like I was in another place. Highly recommend to anyone.

Carolyn Gregor

1 review · 2 photos

A lovely little floatation center close to Crown Resort. Organic shower products and incredibly lovely staff made us feel very welcome and relaxed during our hour-long visit. I would recommend a float any day – but especially on a rainy day!

Yvonne Barston

1 review · 1 photo

Oh I just love my monthly floats! Totally rejuvenating! I’ve recommended too many people to list!

Emily Cormie

1 review

By far the best experience ever. Such friendly staff and gave lots of detail on how to use the pod. Overall my body feels amazing!! Definitely recommend going!

Teagan Franz

3 reviews

My first salt experience was incredible. I honestly felt so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. I had been doing some really tough workouts the days before and my whole body was aching, this was the perfect remedy. The staff were so considerate and made you feel very comfortable. It was so good I bought my boyfriend a voucher! I cannot wait till my next float.

Cameron Coutts

2 reviews · 1 photo

A truly wonderful experience, super clean, very friendly staff and easy online bookings. My next Float will be my 5th. I am now making this a part of my training recovery and wellness program. Highly recommend

Tyron Meintjes

Local Guide · 25 reviews · 34 photos

It was OK. Pleasant staff and you got what you paid for. Clean and tidy premises. It’s alot of money to just go and float in water. Hey if it’s your thing then by all means… I’m giving it a 4 star because I feel that the experience was not what I expected it to be. Cool consept but not my cuppa tea

Steve Jose

5 reviews · 4 photos

Never felt so relaxed. Friendly professional staff. Modern & hygenic. Will be back often.

William Meredith

Local Guide · 48 reviews · 1 photo
I went for my first float today and was expecting to come out feeling relaxed but was quite open minded. The guy there was very helpful explaining the tank and showing me the shower facilities. He told me what expect when using the tank. I got in and allowed myself to relax any muscles and felt very relaxed after 10 minutes or so. When the music came on at the end of the hour to signify the end I felt like I had had a very good night’s sleep. A very good feeling. Only little downside was that the room got a little too hot for my liking and was a little stuffy but I put up with that for the benefits.

Sven Weichbrodt

Local Guide · 32 reviews · 659 photos

Unusual but very pleasant experience and very polite and helpful staff. Just don’t get the water in your eyes. 😀

Luisa Di Lallo

4 reviews

I was given a session as a birthday gift last week. I had heard mixed reviews about this experience and so i was really looking forward to trying it for myself. I found the centre to be immaculately clean and I was guided through how to prepare for the float in my own cubicle and then what to expect and the different options I could chose as regards lighting and whether I wanted to close the pod entirely or keep it open as the lights in the room were turned off. I can be a little claustrophobic at times but knowing that I could lift the lid to my pod whenever I wanted and also knowing there is an emergency call button inside the pod to get assistance at anytime sure put any concerns I might have to rest. I couldn’t believe it when my hour was up as the music came on to signify this as it felt like I’d only been in there for 10 mins. I had drifted off into a peaceful sleep and had no awareness of time or space.
I was so peaceful and calm afterward and I remember mentioning to my daughter the next day that I didn’t think I would ever get angry again in my life as all tension I had been holding in my body had dissolved away.
I do recommend to to drink lots of water for days after as the detox effect of the salt is very strong. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to rest and relax and detox all at the same time and I think all employers could offer this to their employees especially those in high stress jobs to elevate any residue tension that is carried with us from work. The world would be a much happier place if everyone could float often. Thanks to everyone at salt. My experienced changed my world and I am so happy about that!!!

Response from the owner

Hello Luisa, thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and in depth review about our new studio, float tanks and your overall experience (more importantly – thank you for trying ‘floating’ for the first time!

Sarah Stokeld

1 review

Thank god I have Salt Float Studio to come and float at when my stress levels get too high. The floating experience not only lowers my stress levels before exams but it also helps to ingrain the exam content as I am able to use their special speakers connected to my phone to listen to lectures. I owe this place for passing my degree! Customer service is top notch as well!

Bj Davies

2 reviews

I had my first salt float a few weeks ago and it was amazing! I went in for the hour and I came out feeling so relaxed and fresh! I had the most amazing sleep that night which I don’t get to often. I cannot wait to book my next appointment! Thankyou so much for having me!

Bianca Castle

Local Guide · 82 reviews · 44 photos

Tried out the DreamPod at Salt Float Studio today. Very relaxing and a little scary to start with but overall it was enjoyable. I do suffer from being claustrophobic, but the staff where lovely and assured me I couldn’t get locked in. 🙂

Darren McDonnell

3 reviews

What a great experience! I was fortunate enough to be gifted a float and I couldn’t be happier with the gift. From the moment I walked in, Steve, Courtney and the rest of the team were very welcoming. Once in the pod, I became relaxed immediately, the outside world is locked away and the relaxation level increased as time passed. The website suggested listening to some music while in the pod which in hindsight I would recommend, I don’t really have anything relaxing in my playlists so I enjoyed complete silence. As the float was coming to an end it was like waking up on holiday, totally relaxed.
All in all a great experience, a friendly team, convenient location, and a very clean facility. I was so impressed I signed up for a membership, 2 floats per month for $120, looking forward to my next visit.

Gosia Walus

Local Guide · 52 reviews · 77 photos

Great customer service, great facility including in room shower, hairdryer and overall a great experience in the float tank, bonus points for convenient at-door-parking

Keira Salord

Local Guide · 49 reviews · 128 photos

The staff here were so lovely. They really went out of their way to make the experience enjoyable. Each float room was beautiful and the “freshening-up” room included everything from hairdryers to deodorant to moisturiser which was great.

Jeremy Sivewright

1 review

It was an outstanding experience. The state of ‘relaxation’ after was wonderful. Great venue and excellent staff. Thank you Ben for a great experience.

Sophie Thompson

4 reviews

The staff are always friendly and considerate and the facilities are very clean, modern and most of all the atmosphere is one of comfort!

Courteney E

1 review

Floating is the best thing since sliced bread!! I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt not only immediately afterwards, but continued to feel calm and pain free for days following my float. Great atmosphere, clean and friendly. Highly recommend!

  1. G.

Local Guide · 405 reviews · 818 photos

Very professional from arrival to departure. Clearly explained. Couldn’t quite relax 100% first float however that is normal status for me. Bought a few more sessions as I know this is going to be great for my adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia. Highly recommend. 😊


Local Guide · 61 reviews · 6 photos

Great staff, immaculate premises and a really inviting place to relax

Dan Wilson

Local Guide · 53 reviews

Fantastic friendly staff and lovely facilities. Great place for a bit of a time out! Highly recommend it!

Keith Anthony Dowle

Local Guide · 230 reviews · 23 photos

We were given vouchers as present, it was a wonderful experience. Nice place friendly people, very modern.

Tamara Lowe

1 review

Absolutely amazing experience. Was my first time. And I highly recommend this to everyone.

cindy vaeau

7 reviews

Awesome private little relaxing float.

Clint Turner

7 reviews

Best float venue. Modern & futuristic float pod. Calming interior and friendly staff.

Carol Keay

Local Guide · 81 reviews · 3 photos

Awesome experience. Lovely staff to greet you and explain it all.

Linda C

1 review

My float was so relaxing! I felt rejuvenated for days. This was the best present! See you again soon.

Theresa Rennie

Local Guide · 144 reviews · 472 photos

Very relaxing experience

Response from the owner11 months ago

Glad you enjoyed the experience Theresa, look forward to seeing you again soon!

Dan Stallson

14 reviews

I find the weightlessness makes you feel incredibly relaxed, this place is very clean and well presented. Highly recommend it

Sascha Joy Haste

Local Guide · 39 reviews · 38 photos

Nice new facilities, friendly professional staff. No chill out lounge for after though if that’s something you look for.

Two50 1111

4 reviews · 2 photos

Great for healing body and mind.

Mark Yee

Local Guide · 40 reviews · 22 photos

Had a good floating experience here.

Adam Dalton

Local Guide · 25 reviews · 1 photo

I can’t wait for this to open , just what South Perth needs !

Donald Petrides

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Wayne Jacobs

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F Fotz

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Francisco Films

8 reviews

3 years ago

Great place, great people