Like any new experience in life, a first experience is somewhat of an ‘experiment’, and floatation therapy (also known as sensory deprivation) is no different! Your first float session is very much a ‘sensory experiment’ unlike any other you may have tried before!
Once you step into an over-sized Dreampod float tank at Salt Float Studio, your sensory input is quickly reduced in a light-proof & sound-proof capsule where your physical self is also removed from the sense of touch or feeling; because the high-grade magnesium sulphate you soak in is calibrated to match your body temperature at approximately 35.5° Celsius. You cannot feel the salt water mixture or the ambient air temperature within the pod and so your body is left completely weightless, without physical pressure points or additional stimuli.
Important note: The reduction in sensory input actually enhances your sensory awareness because there are less distractions, which allow better focus and insight into mindfulness.
This is an unusual feeling at first, with the end result being one of pure physical & mental bliss!
Your 2nd float session may be completely different because you now know what to expect prior to your booking. As the sensation is not ‘new’ anymore, you will find that it is much easier to get to the point of total relaxation much faster. Without even thinking about it, you will likely start preparing for this 2nd session as soon as you have booked in!
Similar to any physical activity or mindfulness practice like meditation, Pilates or yoga, the more frequently we float, the better we get at calming our breathing, relaxing our muscles and allowing our thoughts to follow our body as we inhale & exhale. This is what can be expected as we move through the dynamic experience from our 1st to our 3rd floatation therapy sessions.
To book your Introductory 3-Float Package for only $150 (save $87), visit Salt Float Studio’s website: or phone our friendly staff at our South Perth location on (08) 6277 0060.