1. Reduce Stress

If you alive in this day and age then chances are you are under some form of stress. Sometimes it’s just the worry of what might go wrong in your life without it ever happening.  It’s amazing what one hour in our Float tanks can do. Your fears, anxieties and worries all seem to somehow drift away so that you can experience mental clarity and an improved sense of wellbeing.

2. Relax

Experiencing a float tank may just put you in the most relaxed state you have ever been in. It’s totally effortless, you float due to the high salt content in the water, and will slip away into a DEEP meditative state.

3. Get some pain relief

Spending just an hour in a Float Tank is equivalent to 4-6 hours of deep sleep.

Floating will take all the weight off your joints and muscles get to take a well-deserved break, the salt water also works wonders for inflammation and joint and muscle pain.

4. It’s great for your skin

The saline solution of each tank consists of water and over 1000 lbs. of Epsom salts. The super saturated Epsom salt water is amazing for your skin. You will leave with soft, smooth and rejuvenated skin from head to toe. The salt water has also been shown to help with eczema and acne.

5. Sleep Better

Magnesium deficiency is rampant in today’s society and stress also depletes magnesium. In the Float tank, you will reduce stress (thus lowering cortisol levels) and also absorb magnesium (in the Epsom salt water) trans dermally through your skin.

6. Improve athletic performance and recovery

Are you an athlete? Go to the gym? Have a very physical profession? Floating is amazing for physical recovery, reduces lactic acid build up, reduce cortisol levels, improve oxygen circulation and eliminate fatigue. Many professional athletes are just starting to realize and take advantage of the benefits of floating and bringing their game to the next level.

7. It’s can be an ‘out of this world’ experience

Sensory deprivation tanks can create an experience like none other. Some have described it similar to an “out of body” or “psychedelic” experiencing having lucid dreams and seeing all kinds of beautiful colours and patterns. These experiences usually have profound positive impacts on one’s life without the need for any exogenous substances.  Some others describe it as the deepest meditation or the most relaxing sleep they’ve ever had. There’s no doubt that it is nothing like your mind and body has ever experienced and most importantly, it’s totally safe.

8. It can spark creativity

When our mind is at rest it’s amazing what it can create. Not unlike going into a deep meditative state once the fog clears you will be amazed on what you can dream up!

9. Celebrities love Floating (those who know about it anyways)

Just some of the many names include Elle Macpherson, Kristen Wiig, Jim Carrey, Willie Mason, Carl Lewis, Alan Watts and Joe Rogan. Check out this link where Joe Rogan talks about float tanks:

10. It’s an experience to strike off your bucket list.

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