Floating, like meditation, is synonymous with relaxation. It’s about letting go of what’s weighing you down and releasing any pressure and energy. Are you wondering how to access these benefits? Salt Float Studio has created a meditation environment within our spa where you can spoil yourself with a salt float in 500kg of pure magnesium. It’s an experience that’s well suited to everyone but has special benefits during pregnancy, which we’ve detailed below.

  • A salt float encourages you to feel comfortable in your own body and connect with your baby without any distractions. Your extra weight does not matter as the salts in the water enable you to float without putting in any extra effort.
  • Your body can take in much-needed magnesium during your float session. Magnesium helps prevent your uterus from contracting quicker than it should and is important to strengthen you and baby during pregnancy. It’s also great to reduce cramps and soothe tense and aching muscles as well as swollen feet and lower back muscles which are common during pregnancy.
  • You lower your blood pressure and reduce stress levels. Floating in the tank helps your blood flow with less pressure, calming your heart rate and forcing your body to breathe slower and calm down. Meditation occurs almost naturally as the atmosphere is conducive for this.
  • Pregnancy can be stressful. There are many things you need to get done before birth and there even more things to worry about, ranging from your health to your finances. Through floatation therapy & meditation, you’re able to isolate the important things and gain a clearer perspective that will hopefully remain with you after the salt float meditation process has ended.
  • Finally, and most importantly, the floatation process is safe and poses no risk to you and baby as the water is safely set at 36 degrees Celsius. To put your mind at ease we’ll advise you on the dos and don’ts of the practice and how to get comfortable in the water (we also provide a pool noodle so that you can lay on your stomach!) We encourage you to visit your doctor if you have any concerns, but we can assure you in most cases they’ll sign off on you enjoying this meditative experience. After all, doctors know that a happy, stress-free parent makes for a happy, stress-free baby.

Pregnancy Float Salt Float Studio

If you’re interested in a floatation therapy experience before your baby is born, book yours online today! You can also purchase a gift card as the perfect baby shower present for an expectant parent.

*Note: Salt Float Studio asks that all pregnant customers float in 2nd and 3rd trimester only.

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