‘PRACTICAL’ FLOAT INTRODUCTION: (A simple walk-through of ‘what to do’ on your first float)

At Salt Float Studio all of your necessities are provided!

  • – organic shampoo, conditioner & bodywash
  • – organic hand & body lotion
  • – towels & ear plugs – bottled water
  • – blow dryers
  • – peppermint & chamomile tea for ‘post-float’ rest

Before you float:

  • Avoid shaving or waxing 12 hours prior Avoid a full stomach,
  • a light meal 1.5 hours prior is recommended
  • Avoid caffeine 4-5 hours prior

What to expect from your first float experience:

  • – Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time for any questions you might have to be answered and to ensure your session starts on time.
  • – Once you enter the private float room, remove all clothing, contacts, and jewellery
  • – Shower to remove any oils and/or fragrance
  • – Dry your face and insert silicone ear plugs, then step into the pod Sit on the floor of the pod, pull the lid down gently (or leave it open – up to you!)
  • – Lights are controlled at all times by you
  • – simply press the green button to turn them off
  • – Soft meditation-type audio will fade after 10 minutes
  • – Allow your mind and body to enter a deep state of relaxation
  • – Audio will fade back in signalling the remaining 5 minutes of your session
  • – Step out of the pod and shower again. Organic shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided to remove any salt residue.
  • Dress, and exit the room.

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Continue relaxing in our lounge area with some peppermint tea & echo of your first float experience…

Note: Our biggest tip, trick or hint if it’s your first time floating: focus on your breath. Long, slow, deep breaths will help you get the sensation that your mind is floating freely – without any physical attachment…

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This float video was created by Francicso Films, Western Australia.