(Why we float & what to expect)

When we float for the 1st time we can expect a new experience & a new (personal) experiment! Floating is an excellent alternative to your standard massage because you don’t have anyone else in the room with you so you can COMPLETELY relax and let yourself go….

This is commonly referred to “Floating”, “Floatation Therapy” or “Sensory Deprivation”. What floatation therapy aims to do in a 60-minute session is to reduce and inhibit as much sensory input to you as possible. So you’re not going to See, Feel, Hear or Touch anything inside the pod. The new Dreampod at Salt Float Studio is full of 1000 litres of water and 500kg of pure medical-grade magnesium.

Magnesium is the #1 selling supplement in Australia. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and calmative, and has over 325 functions in our bodies!

Anti-inflammatory: great for any sore neck, back, muscles, tendons, aches, pains, arthritis, etc.

Calmative: many people take magnesium to help calm their nerves before bed, what you’ll notice about your float is that you may feel nice and relaxed for the rest of the day – so much so that it will also positively affect the quality of your sleep tonight.


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You’ll noticed the heat from the water when I opened the lid, it is calibrated at 36⁰ Celsius (or body temperature). When you close the insulated lid, the ambient temperature of the air within the pod also becomes body temperature – leaving you with a seamless environment where everything is the same temperature, but only one is dry and the other is wet.

The pod itself is light & soundproof (and so is each private pod room).

When you float, you’ll experience near-weightlessness and no pressure points on your body. Your back & spine will be able to form its natural ‘S’ curve – and the vertical loading in your vertebrae will be reduced!

SALT Float Studio is increasingly seeing more referrals from local Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Surgeons, Rheumatologists & OBGYNs as floatation therapy is quickly becoming a natural, complimentary therapy.


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Do you know that little bit of ‘zen’ or euphoric feeling that you experience just before sleep? Well floating aims at extenuating that feeling for up to 45-60 minutes without having you fall asleep. When you sleep and are unconscious, you don’t really enjoy anything, because you’re asleep. But when you’re in that ‘Theta state’ of consciousness just before ZZZ, you can really get the most out of your resting experience.

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This float video was created by Francicso Films, Western Australia.