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When it comes to unplugging from the grind and finding that elusive zen state, we have one favoured method—float tanks. These sensory deprivation tanks allow you to hit pause and detach from the many, many, many distractions of everyday life for 60 sweet minutes—so what’s not to love?

Never hit the tank before? Staying afloat is a breeze. You’ll be buoyed up by a mix of Epsom Salts submerged in body temperature water and you’ll become instantly weightless, defying gravity as you slip deep into total blissed out relaxation. With the only thing to-do being “chill out”, floating promises to revive your mind, boost recovery and enhance athletic performance as you drift away from the outside world.


Interested? Here is our favourite spot to float in Perth:

Salt Float Studio

South Perth

Take the time you need to calm your mind at Salt, a floatation and meditation studio in South Perth. While your body unloads all its tensions and hits refresh on fatigued muscles, you’ll have the chance to truly unplug and zone in on some mind time, ideal for stress relief, as you drift inside the DreamPods. Floating offers the ideal opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation, because hey, what else have you got to do for those 60 minutes?!


Feeling stressed out and in need of a relaxing vacay without actually leaving Perth? Head straight to Salt Float Studio in South Perth, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Stress relief, physical recovery and mindfulness training is the name of the game at Perth’s newest flotation and meditation studio.

Featuring DreamPod technology, 500kg of Epsom salts are dissolved in 1000L of water, allowing you to float against gravity. Once the pod is closed you can turn off the lights so it’s pitch black, completely quiet and distraction-free, which sounds kind of perfect to us!

Article courtesy of the Urban List Perth.