Floating in a pod or tank filled with a condensed solution of Epsom salts and water is a widely-accepted and proven technique to relieve stress and help the body recover from physical conditions. As research has increased into this innovative therapy technique, it’s been also found to offer benefits for sports professionals and casual athletes alike. If you’re a sportsperson looking to improve your performance on the track, in the pool or anywhere else for that matter, here’s why you should consider adding flotation therapy to your post-workout recovery sessions.

Why Is Flotation Therapy Good For Sports Recovery?

Any intense physical activity places a strain on the body, which is why training without rest sessions is something no doctor will recommend. In a flotation tank, the body is suspended and not subject to gravity. By relieving any pressure present, floating will enhance the training completed by helping you recover quicker with less of a chance of developing stiffness or an injury. When your muscles, joints and bones aren’t subjected to gravity, this allows for improved blood circulation throughout the body. Improved blood flow helps dissipate lactic acid levels, which are responsible for post-workout stiffness. In addition to this, float pods also involve your body coming into content with the high concentrations of the magnesium and sulphates found in Epsom salts. The highly absorbable solution has a protein building impact on joints and eases inflammation at the same time.

While flotation tanks have become a go-to technique for recovery from sports injuries and training regimes, they also offer many mental benefits. Those who spend time in a tank say that it helps to facilitate rest and provide a quiet and neutral setting for visualisation and mind power techniques. As most of us know, anything that aids in relaxation helps you to cope better with pain lowers your pressure and cortisol levels and also helps improve mood and sleep patterns.

Anyone from long distance athletes training for an ultra marathon to casual weekend bikers prepping for a biking holiday can benefit from flotation therapy. For an alternative approach to upping your physical game without relying on medication or recovery gimmicks, why not book your first float tank session today at Salt Float Studio and experience the benefits for yourself?