Most people know that meditation has many benefits. Most notably, it reduces stress and promotes calm and relaxation. We live in a stressful world – so what happens when we bring babies into this stressful world? This very idea can be stressful, as can the realities of pregnancy and childbirth. Knowing all this, why not learn a technique that will put both you and your baby at ease?

Meditation is good for soon-to-be Mums and Dads, and you can start this before you start your family if you want to bring your newborn child into a balanced and calming home environment.

Ready to begin? It’s simple to do. You don’t need to be a Buddhist monk in a temple or a guru in an Ashram either. Start by focusing on breathing in and out, listen and pay attention to the rise and fall of your breathe. Meditation is a form of controlled breathing, so when meditating try focus on one thing. This state of mindfulness can be you being quiet or repeating a word or a series of words know as a mantra.

Benefits of Meditation

If you manage to get the basics of meditation and mindfulness right, you’ll start to reap the benefits. Remember though, these skills take time to perfect and so regular practice is what we’re after. Here are some benefits:

  • Less risk of depression and postpartum depression after birth
  • Reduced anxiety overall
  • Better sleep in all trimesters
  • Enhanced immunity and overall wellbeing

How to Master it

To begin, find a quiet space and get comfy. Sit, lie down or cross your legs in the yogic meditation position. Picture yourself in a calming environment like sitting under a tree in a field next to a running stream, or any space that you know that will release tension.

Start with breathing in to the count of four, before holding your breath for a count of two. Breathe out for a count of six and then repeat the process.

If you’re struggling to get it right, that’s OK! It’s important to have the right environment, as absolute quiet is also optimal so that you can avoid noises and distractions.

Booking a session with Salt Float Studio could help you get into the right frame of mind. For more information, contact us today.


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