Floatation Therapy for Pregnant Women

Floatation therapy is usually a 60-minute session inside a specifically designed floatation tank.
Due to the density of the solution, it is generally impossible for your body not to float. Being inside the flotation tank is like entering a world of complete relaxation and solitude. However, this factor does not apply in the case of pregnant women.
Many pregnant women these days have discovered a unique and preferable floatation position, supported with the elbows on the floor of the tank while their chin resting on their hands. In most instances, the depth of the water solution is ideal for this posture.
In this particular position, the unborn baby is suspended beneath the floating body of the mother. This serves the purpose of providing relaxation to the back postural muscles. In consequence, the mother is given a relief or reduction in pain. However, this position is an optional one. The usual supine or face upwards position can also be adopted.

Floatation Therapy for Pregnant Women
Flotation Tank

Based on the research conducted by the Swedish Research Council on the 5th of November 2003, it was stated that relaxing inside the quiet environment of a flotation tank induces a sensation of peace, and a reduction of pain. This is ideal for women who are conceiving.
It has also been recognised that the benefits of floatation therapy in relation to pregnant women can be seen as an alternative form of treatment that reduces stress and relieves persistent pain without any side-effects to the baby inside the womb.
The sensation of suspension created either by lying on your back or in the chin- cupped position in a tank filled with salt water produces an exceptional degree of comfort. Due to the serenity experienced inside the deprivation tank, the relief provided by floatation therapy enables pregnant women to descend into a deep and healing period of relaxation.

Floatation Therapy in Dealing with Stress
For many expecting women, the term of their pregnancy can prove challenging in a variety of ways. They are usually called upon to continue supporting their families, with some continuing to work almost until the birth date. These can be circumstances which influence stress. Stress is recognised as the prime enemy of good health, and can lead to potential “burn-out.”
As a result, the levels of self-esteem and the general well-being suffer, all of which pose the problem of increasing tension. Accordingly, the sustaining relief offered by floatation therapy proves to be very beneficial for various aspects of the lives of pregnant women.
There are various reasons why most expecting moms adopt floating therapy. Primarily, they opt for this kind of therapy for the relief of stress and the inducement of well-being. Apart from general relaxation, floatation therapy for pregnant women reduces oedema, increases the extent of movement ability in skeletal joints and crucially, lowers the perceived stress levels.
Another valuable benefit of floatation therapy is the apparent help it provides to people with anger issues. It also gives relief to disorders related to sensations of fatigue and insomnia, as well as lowers the blood pressure.

Floatation Advantages and Benefits
As the fetus increases in size each day, pregnant women will have to contend with this additional source of metabolic stress. However, with the help of floatation therapy, pregnant women can experience a complete relief from this additional burden. It has also been seen that even into their second and third trimesters, pregnant women can still take pleasure in the profound relaxation of this therapeutic treatment.
This is particularly helpful to women as they commence their third trimester, with the strain that can bring acute discomfort. The sensation of a weightless environment created by floatation therapy is comparable with the sensation being experienced by their babies. It is a form of rest and recuperation in pregnancy, which is unique and practically unattainable in any other environment. On occasions, they benefit from the inducement of a deep sleep by awakening refreshed and invigorated.
Apart from easing back pains, floatation therapy for pregnant women also offers further relief from the pressure on their lungs and organs. As a result, many pregnant women take pleasure in being able to breathe deeply as the pain fades away.
Some degree of hormonal imbalance experienced during pregnancy is also corrected. Floatation therapy is indeed beneficial not only to ordinary people but also to women who are going through the challenging stages of pregnancy.

Article courtesy of Megan @ Elevation Float

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