Pregnant Still Float

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Floating while pregnant can have a wealth of benefits for the mother-to-be!

With this being said, let’s delve into the topic and explore pregnancy and floatation further.

Pregnancy is arguably one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life, however, many can be left feeling that they are lacking the ‘pregnancy glow’ as their body undergoes the changes that come hand in hand with pregnancy. Perhaps the most noticeable change in a woman’s body when she is pregnant, is the added weight being carried around day in and day out. Providing that you’re in the healthy weight range prior to becoming pregnant, you will typically gain between 11.5kg and 16kg during pregnancy… that’s a whole lot of added weight, that your body isn’t accustomed to. Now, while this is very healthy for mum and bubs, it can be extremely challenging for areas of your body such as your back, hips, knees and feet. Gravity can ultimately become the enemy during pregnancy and during the later stages, many women can struggle to find a comfortable position to relieve themselves of the added pressure they are experiencing.

Cue floatation…

Floatation can offer an incredible level of relaxation and pain relief, which cannot otherwise be found outside the pool or pod. Floatation features a zero-gravity environment, which is created through floating in an Epsom salt saturated solution. You can read more on floatation therapy here.

Floatation therapy ultimately allows you to escape the added weight and associated pain and discomfort experienced during pregnancy, due to this zero-gravity environment. The Epsom salt solution will also work to reduce inflammation, as well as allowing the mother-to-be to absorb a beneficial amount of magnesium.

Regular floatation therapy sessions will essentially have you floating your way through pregnancy, with a heightened sense of calm and comfort, as it will also work to promote great sleep and assist in achieving a positive mindset and wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Additionally, many women experience the ‘mirror effect’ when floating during pregnancy. While there is no scientific research to back this up, many women do explain a bonding experience with their unborn baby, through floating effortlessly in a darkened room while their baby is simultaneously floating in their womb. This often creates a spiritual sense of pleasure for the mother-to-be, as well as deepening the connection between the mother-to-be and her unborn baby.

So, if there is anything to take away from this, the main benefits of floating while pregnant include, but are not limited to: Pain Relief and Physical Comfort During Pregnancy, Stress Relief for Expecting Mothers, Improved Sleep During Pregnancy, Magnesium Absorption for Prenatal Health and finally, The Experience of The ‘Mirror Effect’.

There is truly no better a time to care for your body and mind, than during pregnancy. Keep in mind that you’re not only floating for one, but two. So, what are you waiting for? In the wise words of Arnold Schwarzenneger, GET TO THE CHOPPER! Or, in this case, the pod…

First, just be sure to discuss floatation with your GP or Healthcare Provider, where you should please note the following:

  • The pool or pod water is heated to the exact skin temperature of the body (at 34.5C) and your core body temperature will not rise.

  • The water contains over 400 kilograms of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) which allows the zero-gravity floatation experience.

  • The tank water is filtered to less than 20microns, pH balanced, sanitised with a minimum of 2ppm of bromine.

  • There is direct airflow through the pod with its specifically designed ventilation system to encourage air flow and direction.


Article courtesy of Mind.Body.Salt.

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