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At Salt Float Studio in South Perth, we strive daily to give you the antidote to the stresses of modern life, by providing a complete mind & body wellness overhaul in just one hour. Within the comfortable surrounds of the fresh, luxe studio space in South Perth, SALT combines the latest in floatation therapy technology together with unrivaled client service to provide a float experience unlike anywhere else in Perth.

We are open daily from 8am until late ~ Bookings essential for evening appointments ~ Call us on (08) 6277 0060


Customer Reviews:

  • Nikki H (@nikki.heyderA little bit of self care doesn’t go astray every so often… Today I got to try out a float pod for the first time and I’m hooked. 🙌🏼 one of the most bizarre experiences yet the most relaxed I have felt for a really long time. 500kg of magnesium gets put into a tank which is set at 36 degrees – you close the pod and become literally buoyant in the water for an hour. Totally weightless… and you just breathe and chill and float for an hour. It’s Meditation and an infusion through your skin of one of our most important minerals (and one which so many of us are deficient in). Magnesium is responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body and is one of the key minerals involved in relaxation, cardiovascular health, energy production, mineral absorption and inflammation reduction. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go 🤤 thanks for having me @saltfloatstudio

  • Tina K (@tinz1802) Thanks again @saltfloatstudio! For those that have been messaging me about what it is, it’s an ideal way of practicing meditation while your body benefits from the magnesium in the water , it helps people with anxiety, depression , sleeping issues,stress amongst other things. It makes both your body and mind relax. I had personally never done it before, and now that I have I would definitely do it again, it gave me the best sleep I’ve had in a while 🤗 so check them out guys, I highly recommend. Pretty cool experience #saltfloatstudio#somethingdifferent


  • Kymba Cahill from 94.5FM Perth “The Big Breakfast” (Video Review) Click HERE to watch #kymbahasacrack


  • D. Jeffery (Facebook Review) I wasn’t sure what to expect. I decided to go the hour in silence and it was a great decision. The time drifted by much quicker than I thought as I relaxed very quickly and enjoyed the weightless feeling. Being able to relax all my muscles without and pressure on joints and not having to worry about staying afloat. I had a long lasting feeling of relaxation afterwards and feel like my muscles really benefited from the Epsom salts. Highly recommended trying it out. Was all very clean and was made to feel comfortable by staff.


  • Michaela A (Google Review) Very professional from arrival to departure. Clearly explained. Couldn’t quite relax 100% first float however that is normal status for me. Bought a few more sessions as I know this is going to be great for my adrenal fatigue and fybromyalgia. Highly recommend. 😊


  • Dan S (Google ReviewI find the weightlessness makes you feel incredibly relaxed, this place is very clean and well presented. Highly recommend it!


  • Ashleigh G from Soco Realty in South Perth (@socorealty) FLOAT // Now I can listen to a podcast !! Nothing is better then some good time management 😂 that is why I combine my monthly relaxation with working on my business at the same time…I call it the “think tank” and now the capsules are equipped so that you can connect your phone to listen to your favourite music or podcasts. The team at @saltfloatstudio are fabulous and are highly recommended. .
    #supportlocal #float #relaxation #business#think

SOCO Realty Salt Float Studio

  • “Nurse40” (TripAdvisor Review) MY RELAXING HOUR! Took the opportunity to use a Valentine’s voucher my husband had bought me/us. Wasn’t really sure what to expect initially so had a thorough look at the website which answered all my questions! 
    Had no trouble in booking a time slot to suit us on a Sat afternoon.
    Entered the clean premises to be met by friendly & knowledgeable staff who explained the experience & what to do. 
    We both relaxed in our own tank happily floating without a care in the world. The facility provides body wash, shampoo & conditioner, hair dryer too. 
    I had shaved my legs the night before & on entering the water it was a bit stingy (rookie mistake) due to the high salt content of the water- I know for next time to go in a la natural!
    Next time we also plan to go later in the evening & head home for a good sleep. 
    Great experience for something different- will go again for sure!


  • Bec C (@becksiec) 💦 S A L T 💦 I had the opportunity to check out this awesome new recovery & relaxation studio on Monday night.
    💦Salt is perfect for anyone wanting that perfect & easy way to unwind, de-stress &/or recover. Whether your an athlete, a body builder, a student studying for exams or someone who struggles to unwind & calm themselves from the day to day stresses … this place is where your mind & body will thank you afterwards.
    💦Salt is a studio that contains flotation tanks. When you merge yourself into the magical pod, your body naturally floats. Epsom salts are what helps you to float & your body will put itself in a state of relaxation. Another benefit is the healing properties of magnesium within the calming salts.
    I’m usually someone who struggles to slow down & unwind so I was incredibly surprised at the deep state of relaxation my body went into while in the float. I think I dozed off a couple of times too 😴 That night, I had the deepest sleep which I haven’t had in a long time & I felt fresh, rejuvenated & energised upon waking up the next morning.
    I can’t recommend this treatment enough. It’s suited for EVERYONE! I’ll be using this form of therapy & recently very for my next comp prep! 
  • Sarah S (Facebook Review) Loved my float yesterday, perfect for calming stress before my exams, I even got to fit in listening to a lecture with their new speakers  feeling grounded AND productive!

Customer Review Salt Float


  • Carolyn G (Google Review) A lovely little floatation center close to Crown Resort. Organic shower products and incredibly lovely staff made us feel very welcome and relaxed during our hour-long visit. I would recommend a float any day – but especially on a rainy day!


  • Adam B (@beckerbe) What an amazing experience this was! I had read about float pods from @timferriss and heard @joeroganchampion the benefits of floating for sometime. 🛁
    🛁 As a fan of meditation and mindfulness the the float helped facilitate a deeper meditative state than what I would have normally achieved. It was so calming that at times I did fall asleep and had some intense lucid dreams. 🛁
    🛁 Aside from the mental benefits the float had me feeling rejuvenated. The dense amount of salt and magnesium are awesome for recovery. That night I slept like a baby and felt a spring in my step the following day. 🛁
    🛁 I would highly recommend giving it a go at @saltfloatstudio 🛁


  • Donna G (TripAdvisor Review) THANK YOU FOR A VERY RELAXING FLOAT! After using a difference salt float premises and having the worst experience ever, it took me 2 days to get over the anxiety I felt, I was recommended to Salt Float and came along to my float but I expected to have the same feeling as I did at the other place but I was so relieved & happy I lasted the whole hour and felt so relaxed, the whole experience was very relaxing. I would recommend your business to everyone.


  • Bruce’s Fran (Facebook Review) This was an amazing experience! I loved it! I thought I would have trouble closing the lid and turning off the light due to claustrophobia but I felt so comfortable and safe. Just beautiful!


  • Rebecca W (@sexysobriety) A question I receive all the time – and something I was anxious about before I stopped drinking too – is how on earth does a person relax, without wine? ⠀
    Thankfully, there are tons of ways! I’ve experimented with meditation, yoga, massage, long walks in nature, journalling, dancing around my living room, EFT – and even acrobatics and hoola hooping! 😄 All of which made me feel incredible, and helped relax my sensitive soul and overactive mind. 
    So I was excited to see if floatation therapy might also float my boat!⠀
    Floatation therapy (also known as floating in isolation or sensory deprivation tanks) is reported to promote calm and peaceful relaxation, soothe anxiety, relieve pain, boost immune function, and facilitate freedom from habits, phobias and addictions.⠀
    Filled with 500kg of Epsom salts (helllooo huge magnesium hit!), your body floats effortlessly, while the sensory deprivation in the warm tub allows your mind to truly unwind. ⠀
    I first tried it about a year ago, and while I loved the novelty of it, I found it hard to trust and let go. Keen to try again, I recently headed back to see if my experience would be different. 
    Thankfully, it was. This time I truly enjoyed the sensation and found myself sighing as the soft meditation music came back on, signalling that my time was up. ⠀
    But the best feeling came about an hour later, when I felt like my entire central nervous system had been reset. #bliss ⠀
    Have you tried floating? What did you think? ❤x⠀


  • Janess (@ja.ness) Floatpod! It was initially quite confronting and terrifying to be left alone with your thoughts in this giant pod, but in the end it turned out to be such a surreal and incredible experience ❤ Think I’m going to become addicted to these bad boys. Thank you beb for the treat and thank you @saltfloatstudio for being so accommodating #saltfloatstudio


  • Chaz D (@chazzy_worldwide) Some much needed R&R, i highly recommend fellow athletes give it a try. 
    Great way to relax the mind & body👌