The human brain is extraordinarily complex with our unconscious minds processing the equivalent of 11 million bits of information per second, versus our conscious brain only being able to handle 40 bits in that same time frame. Amazingly, when we are awake, our brain generates 12-25 watts of electricity – which is enough to power a small light bulb. With as much as we expect our brain to process every day, it’s imperative that we give it time to recharge. Judgement, memory and reaction time are all impaired when you do not have enough rest. In fact, sleep deprivation kills brain cells.

While sleep is one crucial way to allow the brain to recharge, float therapy is another holistic way to rejuvenate the brain in a way that can sometimes be more restorative than a few hours of sleep.

Get REST Before Sleep

Scientific studies have identified the innumerable benefits of Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapies (REST) provided by float therapy. A 60-minute float session at Salt Float Studio can produce a more profound state of relaxation than sleep. Flotation therapy may improve cognitive ability by recharging your brain in a way sleep cannot.

How are the benefits of float therapy different from sleep?

  • Our sleep environments may still contain distractions. Children, partners, pets and other external stimuli may disrupt restorative rest.
  • People who struggle with insomnia often struggle with “turning their brain off”. Stress and anxiety may disrupt sleep patterns, leaving individuals still feeling unrested when the morning comes.
  • In a Salt Float Studio Dreampod, external stimuli are dramatically reduced, helping individuals disconnect from their stress and outside pressures, enabling the brain to enter a meditative state and entering a deeper state of relaxation.
  • Along with reduced external stimulation, floatation produces a feeling of weightlessness, which reduces any internal distractions – such as chronic pain and discomfort.

Improve Your Sleep with Float Therapy

Float therapy sessions cannot replace sleep, but regular sessions have been scientifically proven to improve sleep quality. The suggested amount of sleep for healthy adults is around seven to nine hours per night. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a third of U.S. adults don’t get their optimal sleep requirements. Not getting enough sleep is linked to many chronic diseases – diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and depression. Also, sleepless adults put others at risk as well. A recent study by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reveals some eye-opening results: Fatigue causes 20% of all car crashes. Flotation therapy has been shown to increase sleep time and boost sleep quality. Flotation therapy also helps reduce systems of stress, anxiety and depression, eases physical pain, and promotes exercise recovery. It also helps control levels of hormones that disrupt sleep and circadian rhythms – the 24-hour bio rhythms that regulate our sleep-wake cycles and much of our body’s processes, from digestion and metabolism to immune function, mood and cognitive performance.

Float your way towards better sleep at Salt Float Studio during a 60-minute session in one of our highly sterilized, no-contact luxury Dreampods located in South Perth.


Original article courtesy of True Rest Float.