The world we live in has become increasingly busy. With all the activities, stimulants and technology, sleep is a hard-won prize for many people. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of daily life causing symptoms of insomnia or whether its stress, nobody enjoys the toll of sleep deprivation on the body and mind after prolonged periods of time. Other than prescription or over-the-counter medication, few techniques help to combat insomnia and irregular sleeping patterns. What remedy can we use that is safe, natural, proven and doesn’t involve taking any medication?

Floatation REST

The short answer to your question would be floatation REST (reduced environmental stimulation therapy). This form of sleep therapy is conducted in a floatation tank and the technique has been around for the past 50 years. Floatation for sleep therapy involves using a floatation tank to minimise external sensory input to the nervous system. By limiting visual and auditory senses the mind is able to relax and get the body to follow suit. There are a few benefits associated with floatation as a form of sleep therapy.

Benefits Of Floatation As A Form Of Sleep Therapy

  • Help to relieve stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Assists with speeding up mental clarity and learning.
  • Decreases chronic fatigue brought on by jetlag or insomnia.
  • Improves overall physical health.
  • Boosts creativity levels in individuals.

Regulate Your Sleeping Patterns

Floatation tanks are scientifically proven to assist with relaxation, stress and overall well being. The floatation tank is filled up with 1000L of water and 500kg of Epsom Salts is dissolved within the water. The air and water temperature are calibrated at 36 degrees; the tanks are light and soundproof; providing the ultimate floating experience. The Epsom Salts in the water create a floatability that allows you to float against gravity for weightlessness that you have never experienced before. Floatation as a form of sleep therapy will, over a period of time, help to regulate your sleeping patterns and decrease your stress levels.

Let’s Get You Floating Away In Dreamland

The team at Salt Float Studio in South Perth are reputable floatation experts and can assist you on your sleep therapy journey. Contact us today and let’s get you floating away in dreamland.