Meditating While Floating

Struggling to carve out ‘me’ time? With the busy lifestyles, most of us lead today, finding time to unwind is a challenge. There’s always a ringing phone or persistent email waiting to distract us when we’re trying to relax. If this sounds familiar to you, you might want to explore flotation therapy. It involves floating in a soundproof tank filled with water and Epsom salts. The air and water temperature inside the tank is kept at 36 degrees; which is the temperature of human skin. It’s the perfect environment in which to relax your body and meditate. Here’s how to make the most of your precious mediation time in the tank.

  • Gather And Collect Your Thoughts…

…and then free your mind from any ones that may hinder you from achieving total relaxation. Mentally prepare yourself before stepping into the tank by clearing your mind. It will help you better focus on relaxing and will work wonders for your meditative state.

  • Choose Your Method Of Floating

There are two primary ways of floating. One is passive floating, and this entails relaxing your mind and body to a point where you can fall asleep. The other is active floating. Active floating involves focusing on a specific thing as you meditate. You can either choose to focus on an emotion or thought or just let your mind roam freely.

  • Formulate A Specific Mantra

This is one of the most successful ways to meditate. By repeating a particular mantra as you float, you’re more likely to explore its meaning and how it correlates to your life. Flotation meditation can create a heightened sense of creativity. By deploying this strategy, you can you can think about how to apply this mantra to your day to day life.

  • Establish Objectives

If you’re new to flotation meditation, it would be a good idea to set clear goals on what you wish to achieve while partaking in meditation practices. Perhaps setting out specific outcomes such as learning to first passively float will better equip you when the time comes to engage in active floating. If you struggle to keep your mind clear, first aim to be still for 30 seconds, and then gradually increase this time until you get better at it.

There you have it. Flotation meditation can be quite daunting when trying it out for the first time, but with the correct information and tips to guide you, there isn’t much to it. Once you’re ready to get started, contact Salt Float Studio to book your first flotation and meditation session.