With their origins tracing back to the 1950s, Float Pods have been popular for a while now, mostly thanks to their incredible health benefits. Spending time in the Float Pod is also exceptionally relaxing.

The sensory deprivation experienced during flotation therapy has even been likened to meditation. Some of the incredible health benefits you can expect to experience from time in the float Pod include:

Stress Relief

The float Pod is known for providing an extremely stress-free environment. Devoid of all distractions, the user can truly relax and detach from the worries of their everyday life. Flotation therapy has also been known and widely used to treat anxiety, depression and other stress-related illnesses.

Improving Your Sleep

Many people suffer from insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Quality sleep ensures that you have sufficient energy to get you through the day and is also linked to your mental health. The float Pod has proven to be an amazing device for improving your sleeping patterns; giving you deeper sleep and more invigoration during the day.

Pain Relief

If you spend time in the float Pod, you are very likely to experience pain relief and not just while you are in the Pod. This natural painkiller can assist in the release of tension in various parts of the body. Pain can hinder your happiness and your functioning in everyday life, and after a few sessions in the float Pod, you may find that your pain has dissipated completely.

Better Skin and Hair

The magnesium enriched Epsom salts in the float Pod is to thank for many user’s improved skin and hair. You can expect unclogged pores, exfoliation, clearing of impurities and blackheads, which leads to better quality skin that glows! The magnesium Epsom salt strips your hair of the chemical build up you may experience from various hair products, and restores your hair’s natural lushness.

Conquering Addiction

In some cases, thanks to the stress relief related to flotation therapy, time in the float Pod has been an important part of therapy to assist those with addictive personalities with overcoming their addictions and breaking bad habits. Floating is an affordable life supplement to a holistic program aimed at breaking negative addiction and the results can be quite effective for some people.

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