SALT Float Studio

SALT Float Studio is a flotation and sensory deprivation centre located on Canning Highway in South Perth. They pride themselves on providing a space that creates positive isolation which helps their clients unplug from the busy world around them.

Perth physiotherapists, surgeons, chiropractors and psychiatrists even refer patients to SALT Float Studios for therapeutic purposes.

A 60-minute float at SALT Float Studio is $85, and there are package deals and memberships available to help you snag a float at a discounted rate. Gift certificates are also available you can give that special someone the gift of relaxation! They’re open daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

To book an appointment at SALT FLOAT STUIO online click HERE.

To visit SALT FLOAT STUDIO’S online store for all purchases (including GIFT CARDS) click HERE.

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