If you are seeking natural treatments to relieve chronic pain, floatation therapy may be able to help you manage your condition. However, before we get into the benefits of floatation therapy for chronic pain, it’s important to understand the differences between typical aches and pains, long-term pain conditions, the types of chronic pain and pain management tactics.

Regular Pain vs. Chronic Pain

Pain relief methods are pursued by most people at one time or another – even those who only experience occasional, minor aches and pains still seek relief. To illustrate, when you experience any type of injury, the pain signal travels from the injured part of your body up to your brain. The initial pain you experience is generally more intense, and gradually lessens as you heal.

However, chronic pain is an entirely different concept; even after injury recovery, these pain signals continue to reach your brain.

How long can chronic pain last? A chronic pain disorder can last from weeks to months to years, but is traditionally defined as a pain disorder that spans at least three months.

How to Relieve Chronic Pain With Float Therapy

Floatation therapy is an organic and alternative pain relief treatment option. The beauty of booking a visit to Salt Float Studio as part of your chronic pain regimen is that you will not endure negative physical side effects from drug treatments – like you might experience when taking certain medications.

Instead, as your body becomes entirely weightless during a float session, this offers full-body relaxation, allowing physical tensions and pressures release. Also, the effortless, and weightless relaxation produces a state of mental calmness that may allow you to shift your focus away from your pain – and possibly into a meditative state – which is a complementary benefit of this type of wellness practice.

Floatation REST therapy, which stands for “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy,” has not only been shown to significantly reduce severe pain in floaters, but floating for pain relief has been accompanied by additional, positive outcomes, like:

  • An elevation in optimistic outlooks.
  • Reduced levels of anxiety and depression.
  • The ability to fall asleep faster (especially evening floats).

Additionally, various changes for the better have been experienced specifically by floaters seeking chronic back pain relief.

Have YOU tried our state-of-the-art Dreampod floatation tanks at Salt Float Studio?

Dreampod float tanks are also known as “Sensory Deprivation tanks” or “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy” as they completely cut off the stimulus that we see daily. The zero-gravity weightlessness feel allows the relaxation of skeletal muscles as your body naturally falls into place within the water. Our clients often report positive effects for up to 48hours after their float.

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