I want to talk about being here as you are.

Taking that couple of minutes wherever you are to stop and bring your attention into this moment, paying attention to the breathing, the sensations in the body or even paying attention to the stream of thoughts. When we take that couple of minutes to pay attention to where we are and to notice what’s happening right now and become authenticity interested in what’s happening around us, there seems to be a slight window that opens up that we can feel has a peace emanating from it, a sort of calm that we can choose to sink into and embody at any moment.

When we get there and we feel that peace moving through us you may notice that as soon as your mind gets ahold of this, it can twist and distort the knowing of this peace into its own agenda, its own story about what this peace is and where it may come from or maybe it will even begin to explain it to you in a very detailed manner, something like “My nervous system is calming down so I feel peace” ~ “I am going into the theta wave state” any of the sorts. But right now I want to invite you to just see those thoughts as thoughts passing by, you could liken it to clouds passing through an open sky, the open sky is your consciousness, yours ever existing ever being consciousness, the one that’s always been here, the only difference in the sky at any time is the cloud composition (or anything else you may see there!) and although the cloud composition may change I want you to bring your attention to the sky, and just take that minute to be with it. Become still and feel the peace move its way through your body, notice how this can become very grounding, almost as if you have slowed down time (or eliminated it completely!) this field of awareness that opens up here is a closer experience of your true self, the self that is not existing through a series of identifications but just existing as its self, try here to become more and more aware that the thoughts trying to explain this are just clouds within your sky, there to be observed but not manipulated in any way, another way to see this might be if you could imagine walking through a busy city at night with various people moving beside you, you don’t stop to talk to any of them or pay a great deal of attention to them, you simply notice there moving beside you and continue down your own path.

Just something I felt like putting out there, tell me how you find that place.

Thank you for reading.