While many do understand the importance of sports recovery, especially after over-exerting themselves – recuperation is often brushed aside. Be it athlete’s guilt about missing a training session or a busy schedule; many tend to ignore their aching muscles until it becomes overbearingly painful or leads to injury. This is, however, the wrong route to take with your body, as recovery is a preventative treatment and supports your repairing body. As specialists in sports recovery in Perth, here is our guide to understanding why you and your body need rest regularly.

Setting Up For Failure

Overtraining occurs when you choose to skip those crucial rest days. The lack of sufficient downtime between training and high-level performance can lead to several serious issues and the probability of injury increases. These issues include decreasing performance; body fatigue, sleep deprivation, even increasing the effects of anxiety and depression. Short-term recovery solutions vary from correctly warming down after performance and eating a post-exercise meal. Long-term recovery techniques include scheduling appropriate rest days off as well as seeing a physiotherapist frequently. These are great recovery methods to follow, and with the addition of floatation, you can enhance the way your body repairs itself.

Float On

Flotation is a healing treatment which removes the strenuous gravity around your joints and muscles. It completely relaxes your body, decreasing the stress and tension it has endured during a performance. It is aimed at recuperation, increasing your blood flow and circulation. This, in turn, will increase your body’s repair system and target painful areas after training. An additional benefit of floatation is that it can assist in reducing swelling with the use of Epsom salts – which act as anti-inflammatory agents which are useful for swollen muscles and stiff joints. At Salt Float Studio, our combination is balanced to provide you with a comfortable experience.

Besides also helping to lower the increased blood pressure that athletes often have, floatation is also effective in decreasing cortisol. This is a hormone which induces stress throughout one’s body. This therapy also reduces the mental strain that sport can cause. While relaxing, athletes can essentially decompress and “switch off”. This calming environment allows you the time to take your mind off stressful situations, gameplay, and other distractions. An athlete’s mental health is sometimes neglected, but it can have a significant impact on their performance.

Whatever level of performance you as an athlete engage in, sports recovery floatation can greatly assist you in strengthening your body and decreasing the healing time. A well-recuperated body is a motivated body, and as experts in sports recovery in Perth, we honestly do believe this. For more information on floatation therapy, to enquire about the process or if you are still uncertain if it’s the right therapy for you – contact us at Salt Float Studio to assist you.

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