A natural remedy to deal with the pain from fibromyalgia and also the stress and anxiety that may accompany it is to float. The benefits of float tanks for fibromyalgia have been studied for several decades.  Recent research known as The Fibromyalgia Flotation Project (FFP) has been created to document the efficacy of flotation REST as a treatment for people suffering from fibromyalgia.

The first study completed by the FFP was presented at the Float Summit 2012. The results of that study provided compelling evidence that flotation REST can greatly improve the lives of people with fibromyalgia by significantly decreasing their pain, muscle tension, anxiety and stress. It also significantly increased freedom of movement, energy, mood and quality of sleep.  The best part, these improvements from floating showed longer-term relief as the participants began to float repeatedly.   This initial study had participants float once a week for three weeks but case studies suggested that extended use of flotation REST can reduce fibromyalgia symptoms to near zero. 


Article courtesy of Zen Float Co.


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