Migraines. Who has never experienced migraines at some stage in life? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky, and if you have, you are definitely not alone!

More and more, people have been suffering from migraines, of which the causes are still not clear, although studies indicate that genetics and environmental factors are associated to its appearance. In addition, other elements are identified to trigger attacks, such as hormonal changes, stress, foods, sleep deprivation or excess, sensory stimuli, just to mention a few.

Even if exact causes are not determined, the symptoms are well known especially for its specific throbbing pain or pulsing sensation that can last for hours to days. In some cases, it can be so intense that the pain is debilitating, leaving people no other choice but to rely on medication regularly to put up with the discomfort and manage the pain.

We encourage you to get your hopes up, as studies have pointed a potential and natural resource to help prevent migraine attacks and to alleviate its symptoms: Float Therapy. Wait! You might be asking yourself, how could floating help you deal with migraines?

Well, to help you understand how it all seems to come together, here is a brief explanation:

Let’s start with the basics: Floatation therapy could be simply described as sensory deprivation experience. Imagine yourself in an environment created to block out the external stimuli, and therefore having nothing but yourself to focus on. By lying back still on water heated to the skin temperature and without external distractions, such as sound, light, tactile sensations and gravity, our senses are then directed inwards, increasing awareness of internal processes in our body and as a result, brainwaves shift, muscles unwind and blood flow increases.

As we find ourselves in deep state of relaxation, brainwaves change from Beta to Theta state. Within this state, our body has a chance to restore its natural powers of self-regulation, healing and regeneration. Moreover, higher concentration of endorphins is released, hormones that interact with the opiate receptors in the brain to reduce our perception of pain, also alleviating fatigue and stress.

The importance of achieving deep states of relaxation plays an essential role in body maintenance. Floating allows you to achieve these states easily, helping to elicit the body’s natural healing capabilities. Over time, your body will gradually recalibrate its chemicals and metabolic levels, decreasing your chance of imbalances that contribute to migraines. 

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Article courtesy of Float Space Research.

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