Float therapy (also referred to as flotation therapy, sensory deprivation or REST therapy utilizes a man-made tank filled with a water and Epsom salt solution that enables you to float and experience weightlessness.

Combined with temperate water temperature and calming music, you are able to achieve a state of relaxation so intense, sensory elements are screened out, tension is released and the body’s ability to heal naturally is rejuvenated.

The standard session length is one hour, but some patients prefer shorter or longer sessions. Migraines are thought to be caused by restricted blood flow due to dilated blood vessels. Float therapy may increase blood flow, thereby alleviating a migraine attack or preventing one from starting.

While many people associate floatation therapy with mental stress, it also helps alleviate some physical ailments as well. Migraines are one such ailment. Many people suffer from migraines a severe and often debilitating class of a headache.

At their worst, migraines send people to the emergency room, cutting in on their work, leisure, and family time. Some even experience them for multiple days a month, greatly diminishing their quality of life. If you have migraines, floatation therapy may offer some relief to sufferers.

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How Floatation Therapy Helps Migraines

While nothing is a substitute for medical care, floatation therapy can help you find relief from migraines. Float therapy releases endorphins—hormones that act as natural painkillers.

Additionally, float therapy involves no internal or external stimulation. Noise, light, and movement won’t reach you, which gives your brain a chance to withdraw from the stimuli that can often trigger a migraine.

At Salt Float Studio, you can float in total darkness away from these triggers, buoyed by 600kg of salt. The water is specifically calibrated to body temperature (35.5 degrees) so you never feel too hot or cold.

Without constant stimulation, your brainwaves shift. This happens more quickly in a float tank than almost anywhere else. Your brain and body will be able to use their extra resources for healing, which will decrease your symptoms and headaches over time. Your body will slowly recalibrate its chemicals and metabolic levels, decreasing your chance of imbalances that contribute to migraines.

Floating is an easy, natural and enjoyable way to free yourself from chronic pain without the use of drugs or invasive techniques.


Original article courtesy of Elevation Float.