There are many causes of chronic pain, ranging from stress-related issues to conditions like arthritis. One common element of living with this sort of pain is that it’s unpredictable and often it can be debilitating. This makes carrying out ordinary tasks a frustrating struggle. Nobody wants to live their life restricted by constant discomfort and pain, so it’s imperative to look for ways to manage from day to day. While there’s no cure, there are coping methods for chronic pain relief available in Perth. Depending on your body & lifestyle, it’s always worth a try if it can result in peace of mind. In this blog, we take a look at the options you should explore going into the new year.

#1 – Sign Up for a Gym Membership & Get the Endorphins Pumping

There’s no better painkiller than the one your body’s “feel good” hormones produce while you’re physically active. Light exercise does wonders for chronic pain. It’s not about weight loss or straining yourself, but getting your body to release endorphins, which in turn reduces stress and pain.

#2 – Practice Meditation & Deep Breathing Techniques to Relieve Tension

It’s important to practice mindfulness of thought and being so that you have a better handle on your stress triggers. You can achieve this by dedicating a few minutes per day to breathing techniques and meditation.

#3 – Exchange Experiences With Other People Who Live With Chronic Pain

Sometimes, it can get lonely grappling with the effects of chronic pain. Join a support group or online chat and hear from other people who have similar experiences. This way, you can also source new ideas of how to tackle the issue in your life.

#4 – Book a Series of Salt Floatation Therapy Sessions

Floating in one of our pods puts you in zero gravity, which decompresses pressure on your joints. This also sets your spine along its natural curve, which helps with back pain in particular. If you’re already consulting a medical professional, you can use floatation as an additional method to help the treatment along.

There’s always hope, so don’t give up on finding the comfort your body deserves. Looking to try something new in the world of chronic pain relief in Perth? At Salt Float Studio, we offer exactly this. Book your session today.