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The most common misconception about floatation therapy in a float pod or float tank is that people who are ‘Claustrophobic’ cannot float. This is absolutely not true. Everyone can float!

At Salt Float Studio we regularly hear that potential customers are interested in floating BUT they are anxious to float because of being ‘closed inside’ the pod.

Here are a couple important things to note about floating:

  1. YOU always have control of your surroundings. The LED light is controlled by our customers from a button within the pod and can be turned on at anytime. The lid of the pod cannot lock and can very easily be opened by a simple ‘touch of the finger’.
  2. YOU can get into and out-of the pod at anytime.
  3. Each of our Dreampod’s are fully ventilated with fresh air at all times.

After speaking with a local Psychologist about the topic & common fear of claustrophobia, we learnt that ‘claustrophobia’ is linked to your sense of vision & sense of touch/physical restriction:

  1. SENSE of VISION: For example, a person may feel claustrophobic seeing that they are in a small elevator with many unfamiliar people and no way to escape that small space. However, in a floatation pod, we are deprived of the sense of vision because we have the ability to remove all light sources. Hence, no vision and no visual area to see ourselves restricted within.
  2. TOUCH/PHYSICAL SENSE: An example of feeling claustrophobic can occur whilst laying in a ‘swag’ or sleeping bag during a camping trip. If the swag’s zipper was stuck and you could not open it up to exit quickly, you would likely feel an increasing sense of claustrophobia due to your physical senses being restricted. In a floatation tank where customers are buoyant in 36 degree magnesium-rich water, they cannot feel ANYTHING because the water & air are body temperature, creating a seamless environment where you cannot distinguish between where the water ends and the air begins!

In a sensory deprivation tank you cannot see, hear, touch, or feel anything. The entire inside of the pod is basically an extension of YOU, allowing your mind to float around effortlessly without any physical attachment while you concentrate on basic breathing.

If you decide to float with the LID OPEN – great! We have reverse cycle air conditioning units in each pod room so we keep the ambient temperature of our rooms heated so that your body and skin above the water doesn’t feel any chill of cool air compared to the magnesium water. If you like, ask us for the remote and you can control the temperature to suit you best!

Congratulations on trying something new and being open to the idea of having your first float! With our experience of 1000’s of customers, we can confidently say that by trying your float session with the lid closed AND the lid on to start, you might just be surprised at how BIG our Dreampod’s are! If that is still OK then you can go ahead and turn off the light. Otherwise, keep the light on and open the lid – then lay back and enjoy your restful paused hour of bliss during your float!

At Salt Float Studio, our private pod rooms have build-in safety features which include alarm buttons to notify our First Aid trained staff at all times, ventilated float pods for fresh air during your session (each room has mechanical ventilated fresh air), non-slip flooring and easy access for all customers (wheelchair friendly in & out of the studio and our rooms & showers, etc).

For more information our friendly staff is available to answer your questions from 9am 7 days a week on (08) 6277 0060 or by sending us an email to

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