Time doesn’t exist in our Dreampod Float Tanks…

One of the most common comments made by customers to our staff post-float is that: the time within the pod went slowly at first, then was over before they knew it!

Why does this happen? Well, do you know the famous saying “time fly’s when you’re having fun”? Not to assume that you’re having fun in the pod, but in those moments of our lives when we are ‘having fun’ we are LIVING IN THE MOMENT.

When we are having fun (socialising with friends or playing a game, etc.) and we are LIVING IN THE MOMENT we are not counting time down in a linear fashion: with a start, middle and end point – we are not measuring “how long have I been here and at the same time, how much longer until this fun experience is over”.

When we float in a sensory deprivation tank, we don’t have access to any tool of time or space measurement. In a sensory deprivation tank we cannot see, feel, hear or touch anything.

We’re left in a sort of ‘limbo’ where we can just BE. Still. Quiet. Calm. With nothing else existing except our breath. Very similar to a meditative state.

Time doesn’t exist when we are living in the moment; and so this is why we leave an enjoyable social experience or float session with a sense of time that is unmeasured and unimportant. We are happy without any imminent stressors, worries or anxieties!

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