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Look… if you’re like most of is here in the office and are STILL yet to get your Dad that special something for Father’s Day this weekend, never fear, we’re hear.

We’ve gone through some of the stuff we’ve done this year to date and some of the stuff on offer out there to give you…

8 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank And That He May Actually Bloody Love

Without further ado…

A Salt Float

Kymba Has A Crack: Salt Float Studio
What’s all the rage about a good salt float? Kymba finds out.
Kymba Has A Crack: Salt Float Studio
What’s all the rage about a good salt float? Kymba finds out.

Kymba Salt Float Studio

Click HERE for the video of Kymba reviewing Salt Float Studio!

Kymba did one recently for her Kymba Has A Crack segment and we reckon the vid says it all. Dad will bloody love some ‘me-time’.

Click here for Salt Float Studio, South Perth

A Walking Chocolate Tour

Dad Loves His Chocolate

If Dad loves his chocolate (who doesn’t?), this is a must in the Perth city… what’s more, it’s so reasonably priced you could be tempted to buy two tickets… one for him, one for you.

Click here for Foodi Walking Chocolate Tour

A VR Gaming Experience

Kymba Has A Crack: Virtual Reality Gaming
It’s brand new, here in Perth and Kymba gives it a red hot go.

Perth has its very own Virtual Gaming arcade and we’ve seen both Kymba and The Rush Hour’s Pete Curulli take it on… it’s so much fun and for any gaming Dad, they’ll have a blast!

Click here for Optimus Gaming, Balcatta

A Visit To Holey Moley

What An Audio Slash Visual Treat!
Our exclusive look at #Perth’s Holey Moley.

Lisa and Pete tried this place out late last year and it’s a blast, no two words about it! If your Dad loves his golf and/or a drink… this is the place.

Click here for Holey Moley

How ‘Bout Some Skincare?

Protect & Care

We got some intel that Nivea have released a Protect And Care Gift Pack that’s got Dad covered this Father’s Day… we completely meant that pun.

Available at Priceline or Target (probably one on the way home) for only $25.

Indoor Surfing

Kymba Has A Crack: Indoor Surfing
It’s out to Aloha Surfpark in Joondalup to see how she goes.

Another Kymba Has A Crack and this place is a ripper… A completely radical indoor wave complete with massive indoor climbing ground…

If your Dad’s the adventurous type, rock on with this one.

Click here for Aloha Surfhouse, Joondalup

Something A Little Different

Carrol Boyes

Renowned South African artist and designer, Carrol Boyes, has created a range of one-of-a-kind products that are pretty reasonably priced. She’s created a range of pieces aimed at ‘the five types of fathers’… there’s the Wine Connoisseur, the Foodie, the Businessman, the Barman and the Coffee Enthusiast.

Click here for more info on Carrol Boyes

If All Else Fails, How ‘Bout This Bottle Of Red?

Bout This Bottle Of Red

We’ve heard good, good things about the Riddoch Coonawarra Reserve Shiraz ($35.00) and the Riddoch Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot ($20.00). They pack a punch for a bargain price and don’t most Dads just bloody love a good drop of red?

Click here for Dan Murphy’s
Click here for BWS

Hopefully this gives you a flicker of inspo to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day. Happy Dad’s day to all.


Written by: @dantheinternut

Full online article is available HERE.