How Floatation Therapy Can Help You Achieve Total Relaxation

Modern life is very busy, and the stresses can seem overwhelming! Between the pressure of long working hours, work overload, demanding schedules and a constant connection to the world outside yourself – sometimes we just need a moment to PAUSE ourselves.

Imagine if you could get your mind, body and nervous system entirely in sync. What would that feel like? Total relaxation is possible with SALT floatation therapy. This revolutionary treatment is the remedy you never knew you needed, AND you get to experience it right here in Perth! Floatation therapy has actually been practiced for over 50 years, yet it is still widely un-recognized. Only until recently Perth-based Surgeons, Physio-therapists, Chiropractors, Psychiatrists and specialist Sleep Doctors have been referring their patients directly to SALT.

SALT is a state-of-the-art floatation centre with facilities that enable you to ‘regroup’ your entire physical & mental being in a calm environment. Our floatation tanks are designed to create positive isolation, helping you unplug from the bustling world around you. All visual, audio and physical stimuli are blocked out to limit sensory input during your float session. Think of our float tanks as “white noise” machine for your entire body & mind.

When you float, your body rests effortlessly in super-saturated ‘pure magnesium sulphate’ (Epsom salts). With the 36°C ambient temperature inside the float pod (air & water), your skin is unable to distinguish between the two: you feel as though you are un-attached from your physical body without gravity or pressure points. Your spine de-compresses and through the process of osmosis your skin absorbs magnesium (which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and calmative).

Some of the benefits of regular floatation include:

Relief of Physical Pain

Numerous academic studies have shown that floating in magnesium-rich water improves the flow of blood throughout the body, decreasing muscular pain. People suffering from muscle pain as a result of physical activity or rooted in stress stand to benefit greatly from spending time in a floatation pods due to the simple effects of magnesium being absorbed through the skin. Also, when floating your body is at ‘perfect equilibrium’ which allows all muscles, joints and vertebrae to re-align into their natural position! And we all know that manageable physical pain makes for an improved quality of life!

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Muscle stiffness from physical activity can be reduced through floatation therapy. The gravity-defying exercise in near-weightlessness releases lactic acid from the muscles faster, meaning you’ll always be on top form. The sensory deprivation aspect of the tanks also improves focus levels (due to decreased sensory input from external stimuli), which can enhance physical preparation & performance.

A Creative Boost

Meditation during floatation sessions increases mental clarity, even with basic breathing techniques. A Music and Medicine study found that musicians showed increased technical fluency after 4 weeks of float sessions. The exceptional jazz improvisations performed afterwards made a clear case for enhanced creativity.

As you can see, at SALT there’s something to “float your boat” – no matter who you are or what you do. Take the chance to experience a refreshed YOU with more calm, clear body & mind. Book an appointment that will change your life today! You can also speak to our friendly staff on (08)-6277-0060.