It looked like a small space—a black round pod with different colored lights emanating from inside. Sized like your typical dipping pool, the still water inside appeared deep in the dim lighting. “This is the stealth float pod. Inside this sensorial deprivation pod is water filled with almost 1000 pounds of Epsom salt. Because of the high content of magnesium sulfate, the body, once inside the tank, will float, ” explained Grace Obana at Recovery Spa tucked on the top level of the Upper Deck Sports Center.

“Float?” asked curios eyes, eyebrows raised in confusion. It was a relatively new and almost strange concept from other treatments often on the menu of wellness centers. “Yes,” confirmed Grace. “The therapy lasts between 60 to 90 mins. You will go inside this sensorial deprivation chamber and you float.” It sounded like a fun idea. Images of astronauts training for space exploration come into mind. “Because the water is dense, you will feel as if you are in zero gravity.”

The idea behind float therapy is that that body is placed in a fully relaxed state, removed from external noises or distractions. The Sensorial Deprivation Chamber, also known as the Float Pod, shuts out all noises, lights and other factors that often keep us from fully tuning into your inner selves. High doses of Epsom salt dissolved in 180 gallons of water creates a control environment that allows the body to float without effort. Salt also contributes to healthier skin, hair and nails. Because the body is floating, there is absolutely no pressure from our body, resulting in complete relief from pain. This elevated state also helps to improve posture, elongating the spine in the gentlest way possible.

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Float Pod



Before you get into the Float Pod and emerge feeling brand new, it would help to know these things.

Wear Your Birthday Suit. While relaxing in the spa’s lounge, Grace gave a short brief on what how to properly float. She explained that to fully enjoy the benefits of float therapy going in the nude was highly suggested. Body temperature of the water and the pod, create a sense of being inside a mother’s womb and so going in wearing nothing more than your birthday suit seemed the appropriate things. Taking a shower pre and post float was also required to ensure that the pod is always sterile.

Article courtesy of Forbes.