When you float in a SALT Dreampod, your body is resting in a 1,000 litre mixture of water and pure Magnesium. The Epsom salts are super-saturated in the water, allowing your body to float in near weightlessness and without pressure points.

This unique setting, where the air & water are matched perfectly at your body temperature gives your spine the opportunity to form its natural “S” curve and provided some decompression of the spine.

Floatation Therapy is now being recognised and referred to by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Surgeons and OBGYNs as a complimentary therapy.

You will float at ‘Perfect Equilibrium’ and any soreness / stiffness in your neck will be dissipated – usually within the first 15 minutes!

Most of us work at a computer and spend hours per day hunched over on our mobile phones. The poor posture resulting from this causes unnecessary weight, tension and resultant pain throughout our spine.

Stiff Necks

We hope that your floatation session at SALT helps relieve some tension and uncomfortableness in your neck and back!

For more information on the BENEFITS of Floatation Therapy, click HERE!

Back Pain