Life can be rather stressful. Some have to contend with fast-paced lives in the city while working a 9 to 5 job and others have to care for their partner and children. No matter what is putting a strain on your life, time to yourself is essential. Mindful meditation in Perth is the perfect answer to becoming more self-aware and handle everything that life throws at you with aplomb. Mindful meditation can curb being overly reactive, or decrease being overwhelmed by the events taking place in your life. It will also help you heal and purify your mind and body on a fundamental level, leading to incredible lifelong results. However, what is mindful meditation, and how can it be beneficial in your life? At Salt Float Studio, we’ve got the answers for you!

Image @marra_pomana before her float @saltfloatstudio

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is the ability to go deep within your subconscious while being fully present in the now-moment and also aware of where you are and what you are doing.

How does this work? It starts with sitting in total silence with your legs crossed, eyes closed and palms facing upwards, (or floating in one of our Dreampod floatation tanks) but it is not something only monks can appreciate and enjoy. It is an excellent method to connect your mind and body, with your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. During mindfulness meditation, you’re focussing on all your experiences. Anyone can practice this meditation and benefit from it, no matter your cultural background and the religion you practice.

Do you have trouble focusing and so feel like mindfulness meditation won’t work for you? We have more therapeutic practices that you can take part in.

Floatation Therapy Is A Powerful Tool For Practising Mindfulness Meditation 

Meditation is not easy for everyone and others can struggle with focusing for long periods. In such cases, floatation therapy is the ideal tool to use. This type of treatment consists of getting into an isolated tank of water that is filled to knee-height and adding Epsom salt. The salt, which is abundant in Magnesium, will help you float.

What’s more, it has excellent health benefits, including relieving you of stress, easing aches and pains and lymph drainage. In the tank, all sound, light and gravity are isolated to cut off external stimuli. The absence of distractions while weightlessly floating in darkness will help your mind focus and meditate successfully to enter a state of relaxation. Floatation therapy can also help people with insomnia get better sleep and decrease anxiety and stress.

Partnering mindfulness meditation with floatation therapy is an excellent way to gain insights into your mind, finding peace and shifting towards a better mindset for in personal and professional life as they enhance brain activity, memory and cognitive recall.

Are you thinking about giving about mindfulness meditation and floatation therapy a try? Then visit Salt Float Studio in South Perth today to experience their benefits – to restore you to peak condition. Browse our website today and view our excellent offers or book an appointment.